Bio... Blue is the new green

My degree in Comparative Law gave me the ability to think of separate systems as potential sources of mutual improvement, and to find common meaning in concepts and processes which seem apparently completely different if not incompatible. This taught me to consider alternative solutions as a potential main rule instead of a mere oddity.

Such was my guideline along my 25 years as a corporate manager and M&A advisor to both recovering and innovative, high-growth companies, and this is also what encouraged my interest in studying – and putting into practice – Islamic Finance, an alternative way of financing companies and projects.

Adopting alternative solutions is essential today since we have to overcome the "new growth challenge", that is to say enough water, food and energy, to cover the fast speed expanding needs of both population and industries in a cheaper and cleaner way,  whilst avoiding the new imbalances brought to light within the last 20 years of "green business".

The challenge is to massively support the fast growth of innovative companies that develop quality-driven innovations at a global scale and life-cycle based technologies in alternative resources. This requires wisdom when it comes to choosing technologies and managers or to allocating funds. Keep it optimistic, the best solutions are still to come and to be created.