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Boyan Slat

Waste Water Gardens

  • This ecotechnology belongs to the family of constructed wetlands. What WWG units do is reproduce the conditions of natural wetlands, called by scientists the "kidneys of the Earth" for their high capacity of water recycling in the biospheric cycles. Unlike many natural wetlands however, WWG belongs to the family of subsurface flow designs, which means that at no moment is the sewage water in contact with the air, thus preventing all bad smells, mosquito breeding or accidental human contact.

Preventing pollution: services and products

  • Biological antifouling: novel marine microbial genera and species. Several of the microbes produce natural, "green" chemicals that impede the formation of biofilm and the attachment of foulers. Several of the chemical compounds are new, and present remarkable properties. The lead compound can be sold as an input alone or as a "bio-booster" for sprays, washes, fabrics, paints, coatings, and therapeutics developed in-house or by Aequor's customers and strategic partners.
  • Ballast water treatment