How to work with us

How we can  be of service 

Brainstorming sessions about your market positionning and business model;

Analysis of your business intel, network and information;

Reviews of your presentations and communication material and adapt it to specific needs and investor expectations.  

Relevant partner selection: professional, strategic and financial;

We will stay by your side approaching and negotiating with investors;

Coordination, on your side and on your behalf, of all the stakeholders in the transaction;

We can do all this... dully mandated, charging upfront fees + incentives.

What we will never, ever, do for you

Establishement and validation of your accounts situations and finantial status.

Redacting acts of transaction or notarial deeds.

Tax advice, financial advice.

Make decisions for you.

Work for free... we are not David Wolpert but we agree that there are no free lunches.