How to get money

Be ready !

As a project manager you have surely heard all about your envisioned staffing structure, geographic focus, anpartners, including their roles and responsibilities. Surely someone has already told you to focus on a particular industry sector

Apart from all of the above, our advice is simple: be ready! 

The motto of the "Round Table" and some common sense will do just fine:

"adopt methods that have proved sound in the past, adapt them to the changing needs of the times and wherever possible, improve them." 

If an investor finally agrees to give you a chance of presenting your project, you shouldn't waste your time, or theirs. This can be achieved by a careful selection of potential investors. If you ask for investment in an inappropriate or "clumsy" way you are wasting your time, your money, and losing credibility at the same time. On top of that, you will walk away empty-handed, or with an unforeseen bounty. As did our friendly bank robber...

If you need money, ask for anything but money

What will you do with money anyway?  

Are you going to spend more of it on R&D programs or on getting ready to enter the market?

Traditional financial investors will be thinking about R.O.I. during your delightful presentation, they will want to be sure of getting their money back (as quickly as possible), before lending you the first penny.

Why don't you go searching for industrial partners?

Large industrial groups are keen on developping alliances and technologic partnerships. Even though they won't give you money, they can certainly provide a shared innovation ecosystem, market penetration, faster revenues, and why not try your luck via a corporate venture? This is a challenging road but it will keep you from "giving away" too large percentages of your equity. 

Keep an eye out to alternative sources of financing.

And don't forget: "Keep it inspiring, keep it real"


"Getting money from the wrong source is far more painfull than getting no money at all"

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